Performance Apparel

Performance Wear – the new comfort polo shirt and active wear t-shirt that is not sweating it’s rival cotton competitor

Unlike the days of yester-year  where “poly” was considered the “no-no” of clothing material, where as it was considered the lesser of the two. Cotton being the quality product, poly products have now found there place in the market and is making huge strides to the forefront in multiple applications.

Q: Are all performance wear garments made the same?
A: There are different ways to add moisture-wicking properties to a garment. You can do it by treating the yarn before it’s cut and sewn. This is the highest quality, and you will get anywhere from 30 to 50 washes with this method. The less-expensive treatments are done to finished garments, and this technique may last for 15 to 20 washes. The poorest quality may last only five washes, so all treatments are not created equal.


Q: What makes a shirt anti-microbial?
A: It’s a treatment, but it is more tested than any other performance characteristic. To qualify, it has to kill up to 20 types of bacteria. Treated fabric is put in a Petri dish and exposed to the different types of bacteria and then observed over a period of time.


Q: Who are the biggest users/customers for performance T-shirts? 
A:The bilk of applications got to schools and teams, it’s their bread and butter. Some of the more interesting users include the military, construction workers and road crews, as well as the restaurant and service industries. Keeping your workers and staff comfortable during high heat days is a huge benefit.