Why T-Shirts

T-Shirts – Walking,Talking, Billboards!

The trend in t-shirt marketing is very similar to the trend in social media marketing. The goal is to increase your visibility by encouraging your primary audience to accept your brand and then be willing to endorse it publicly. If someone is willing to wear a shirt with your logo, then they are aligning your company brand with their personal brand.


The free t-shirt concept has not changed—everyone will accept a free t-shirt. In fact, if you attend sporting events, concerts or trade shows where free t-shirts are given away, you will see people acting frantically just to get one. But when the “I just won a free shirt!” feeling has worn off, how inclined is the recipient to wear that shirt to the mall, gas station or out at night? Why would he or she be willing to wear a shirt with your client’s logo and provide your client with a walking billboard?

This answer lies within your brand and what it represents to the individual. Perhaps you are promoting “green energy” or fund raising and your message is supported by many! Visually exciting designs will capture the interest of various genres, depending on your message you can really differentiate your brand form local or national competitors with the right design.

T-Shirts are sometimes worn 2 times a week, these walking billboards go to various stores, many located at large malls with high volume visibility, they go to the gym and work out, repetitive (pun intended) exposure! If they take a walk… you get the picture, consumers of all sorts will see and read your t-shirt and message.

We all love and wear T shirts, they are creative, always in style and allow us to be unique!